International Copenhagener: remember, you can vote!

On November 16th, the election to local and regional councils will take place. The election is of great importance for the decisions that will be made for the next four years. By voting in the election, you will have an influence on city development, schools, kindergartens, labour market, elder care, and the hospital service in your local area.​

You can vote in the election to local and regional councils if you are 18 years old, if you are a resident in Denmark, and if you meet one of the following requirements:
– you are a Danish national
– you are a national of another EU Member State, Iceland or Norway
– you have resided in Denmark for a period of four years prior to the election

I am 45 years old, I live on Amager with my family, and I work as an HR-partner. I have master degrees in History and in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. I have been a member of Copenhagen City Council since 2018.
What is important for me?

A safe community for everyone: a well-balanced family life, security and equality on the labour market, a healthy work environment, a city development promoting education, research and technology, healthy communities, a safe and active senior life, and strong schools based on diversity and well-being.

In my City, everyone must be able to live safely and live a healthy and good life, in all stages of life. My main priorities are:
– a safe and healthy community for everyone
– security on the labour market
– equality in health
– a strong eldercare

Finally, I think it is important that international Copenhageners are made aware of the local elections, and realize that they actually can vote.
Because so many important decisions about welfare are taken locally in Denmark. And, as an international citizen you can have influence on those decisions.
Therefore, remember you can vote!

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